5 good reasons to start cooking as a family

When kids are in the kitchen, they learn a lot about themselves and teamwork. The benefits are huge! But don’t take our word for it – see what these kids have to say.

It's quality time that saves you time.

Finding time isn’t always easy. But by cooking together, you’re infusing quality family time into something you’re already doing. With practice, you’ll even save time preparing meals together!

“It’s creating memories, and those memories will last forever.” —Andrea

It promotes healthy habits.

When kids are involved in the kitchen, they’re more likely to try new foods, eat better, and develop confidence to prepare food for themselves.

“I think my kids like to cook because it’s a craft, it’s very creative, and they like to eat it after.” —Ruby

Kids love to cook.

Children enjoy cooking more than you might think! It’s a great way to help your children express their creativity and have a fun time with you in the kitchen.

“We laugh and joke while we’re cooking.” —Michael

Your children will learn about safety.

Cooking together is a great way to guide your child’s skills as they progress. Start them off with small and easy-to-handle tools, and accompany them through more difficult tasks.

"You want to be safe in the kitchen, but you want to give them the experience to do things" —JP

The benefits will last them a lifetime.

By starting your kids young, you can help build their sense of independence in the kitchen and help them develop skills they’ll take with them into adulthood.

“If I learn it now, then I’ll be better and better when I get older.” —Brigitte

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