Getting started

By cooking with your children, you can provide them with a way to express their creativity and help them become confident cooks.

Not sure where to begin? Follow these three steps to get started.

Involving your kids in the kitchen is as easy as putting out the welcome mat. The next time you make a family meal, ask your children to help you. Don’t fret over mistakes – enjoy yourself as you connect with your children and build memories that will last forever. Check out our easy recipes & ideas to learn about cooking activities you can try together.

What can you do right now?

  • Take my child along occasionally when I go grocery shopping
  • Invite my child to watch me as I cook dinner
  • Ask my child to help me make a special family recipe
  • Invite my child to help me with dinner

When kids first start cooking, it is important to help build their confidence in the kitchen. Let your children try cooking activities that interest them, and encourage them to try different kinds of tasks. Making tacos? Let your children make the guacamole. Having a barbecue? Let them make the potato salad. Keep your children interested in cooking by continuing to challenge them and giving them more responsibilities as they gain confidence and skills.

What can you do right now?

  • Ask my child to prepare a salad or side dish by himself or herself
  • Ask my child to stir food on the stove so it doesn’t burn
  • Show my child how to use kitchen tools, such as a food processor or rice cooker
  • Give my child dinner preparation tasks to complete independently

Kids need to know that you trust them in the kitchen. As you see your children growing comfortable with cooking tasks, give them more complex jobs to help them learn new skills and stay motivated to continue cooking.

What can you do right now?

  • Cook with my child at least once a week
  • Let my child help me with simple cooking tasks
  • Let my child make part of the meal on their own
  • Let my child independently make an entire meal
  • Experiment in the kitchen with new recipes and meal combinations