Family Kitchen

Get your kids involved

The Talk

It’s time to start the conversation. By simply inviting your children into the kitchen to cook with you, you can ensure they learn the cooking skills they’ll need to eat well for life. So lay down the welcome mat to your kitchen and invite your kids to cook with you. It will be the easiest “talk” you and your children ever have!

Prepare them now

Have your kids really learned everything to prepare them for the future? You do your best to nurture and provide for your children and to teach them important life skills. But many parents are missing something essential – making sure that their children know how to cook for themselves. Involve your kids in cooking today to make sure they have the tools to feed themselves for life.

Denise’s Story: Fears over cuts and burns

One of the most common concerns parents have about children in the kitchen is that they might hurt themselves. However, there are many low-risk ways to involve children in cooking. Denise is a busy mother who has some innovative ideas for involving her son, Raymond, in cooking while making sure he doesn’t get hurt. Watch Denise’s story and discover how you can safely involve your children in the kitchen.

Ruby & Brady’s Story: Finding time with a hectic schedule

Adding yet another responsibility to your already busy routine may seem daunting, but over time involving kids in preparing meals can actually save you time. Ruby and Brady juggle a busy family schedule while still managing to cook dinner with their kids. They are the busy parents of three boys – Denon, Keyan and Aaron – and they all work together in the kitchen to prepare family meals. Watch Ruby and Brady’s story to learn more about how cooking together is a time investment that will pay off in the future.

Heather’s Story: Getting kids into the kitchen

If the kitchen has always been your domain, it may seem impossible to feel comfortable with your children cooking with you. Heather is a mother of two, Stefano and Bridgette, who has learned the benefits of doing just that. Heather uses cooking time to bond with her kids, while passing on the cooking skills that will help prepare them for the future. Watch Heather’s story to find out how you can make your kitchen a family-friendly place to be and learn.